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Goldman Sachs’ Blankfein Admits His View on Cryptocurrency Is Evolving — Says Crypto ‘Is Happening’

Lloyd Blankfein, a former Goldman Sachs CEO who is now the firm’s senior chairman, says his view on cryptocurrency is evolving. “I look at the crypto, and it is happening,” he added. Goldman Sachs Executive Lloyd Blankfein Says Crypto ‘Is Happening’ Lloyd Blankfein, a former Goldman Sachs CEO who has voiced skepticism about cryptocurrency in […]

Doge Temple creator says the Metaverse is out, the Microverse is in

Niche “Microverse experiences” are the future of the Metaverse. According to the CEO of virtual party platform Party.Space Yurii Filipchuk, According to the founder and CEO of virtual party platform Party.Space, niche “Microverse experiences” will be the future of the Metaverse. Rather than “building a big Metaverse and selling some land there,” Yurii Filipchuk says […]

OpenSea reverses limits on minting after community backlash

OpenSea’s critics said the policy change stifled NFT creators by trashing the ability to create unlimited collections and NFTs on the platform. NFT marketplace OpenSea has backflipped on a controversial decision to limit the number of NFTs and collections creators can mint using its smart contract. The platform previously allowed unlimited collections and items, but […]

Flushing it: $8B New York commercial bank to offer Bitcoin services

“As part of our ongoing digital transformation, we recognize the importance of staying current with emerging market trends,” said Flushing Financial Corporation CEO and president John R. Buran. Flushing Financial Corporation, the parent company behind New York-based Flushing Bank has partnered with crypto firm New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG) to offer Bitcoin (BTC) services […]

Crypto tax calculator CoinTracker valued at $1.3B following $100M raise

Crypto tax reporting was a contentious topic in the U.S. last year as Congress passed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. Cryptocurrency portfolio tracker and tax calculator CoinTracker has attained “unicorn” status after raising $100 million in Series A financing, demonstrating once again that investors are allocating vast sums of capital toward crypto-focused companies.  The […]

Youtube Could Add NFTs As a Creator Revenue Source

YouTube could soon add non-fungible tokens or “crypto-collectibles” as a source of revenue for content creators, according to a letter from the company’s CEO. YouTube Is Exploring NFTs CEO Susan Wojcicki wrote in a letter published on Jan. 25 that YouTube will “help creators capitalize on emerging technologies, including things like NFTs.” Non-fungible tokens are […]

Putin Urges Government, Central Bank to Reach Consensus on Crypto, Highlights Russia’s Mining Potential

President Vladimir Putin has joined the debate on the future of cryptocurrencies in Russia, calling on the government and central bank to work out a common position on their regulation. The Russian leader also emphasized Russia’s strengths as a crypto mining destination. Putin Asks Ministers and Bankers to Report Back With Consensus on Cryptocurrencies Russian […]

Technical Analysis: DAI Overtakes Cosmos, as Warner Deal Sends the Sandbox Higher

The price of cosmos (ATOM) continued to decline on Thursday, while sandbox rallied following its partnership with Warner Music Group. Overall, crypto prices were trading 3% lower in today’s session, after yesterday’s FOMC announcement. Biggest gainers The token sandbox (SAND) was one of Thursday’s biggest gainers, climbing by as much as 8 %, as prices […]